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Founded in the mid-1950s, Al Ansari and Bhasin Trading Co. started off with a humble beginning and steady yet gracious climb over the span of ten years. It was in 1960, we received our first commercial contract with the Ministry of Health.
Gradually, in the coming years, Al Ansari and Bhasin Co. started to get recognized and earned trust and faith in the market. Soon we landed high-profile contracts and clients such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence& National Guards, and many more.
Al Ansari and Bhasin Co. started to branch out its wings further - it was in this year it ventured into its first retail outlet. We made strategic decisions and our operations only kept expanding.
In the early 2000s,we launched a new pattern camo for the National Guard’s uniforms. We introduced multiple changes and introduced various mechanisms which gave us a more holistic approach of looking at the industry.
Currently, we have a total of 4 retail locations in Kuwait still serving with the same passion and quality of service we carry with the decades of success to our name . The zeal, enthusiasm and urge to deliver excellence only keeps on increasing with each passing day at Al Ansari And Bhasin Co.

Al Ansari & Bhasin Trading Co. based in Kuwait is one of the prominent and most reputed leading suppliers of wholesale apparel and uniforms for several sectors in the market. Our vision fuels the sustainable spirit and the noteworthy legacy that has undeniably defined us for more than 70 odd years. Having more than seven decades’ worth of experience in the industry, we have genuinely earned the trust of our clients as well as employees with our stellar services. Our mission has always been to be Kuwait’s premier and ultimate source of uniform and accessories for all service sectors.

Al Ansari & Bhasin Trading Co. is an expert in being suppliers of every form of uniform, livery, or badge, and the accessories and accoutrements to go with them. We cater to all kinds of ceremonial or cadet uniforms and have our expertise in getting various security gear, tactical gear, as well as accessories, have done meticulously. We have immense knowledge and experience in creating uniforms for the medical, defence as well as military sectors.

Established in the mid-1950s we have had the privilege to get a range of top-notch customers such as the US Army, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence, Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait Fire Department, Kuwait Police, Ministry of Health, National Assembly, Kuwait Army, etc onboard. With changing times and dynamics of the industries, we have diversified our service capabilities to include construction, vehicle/equipment rental, and procurement services thereby maturing with changing landscapes. Simultaneously our attention to detail, quality services, and the satisfaction we provide to our customers are unapologetically impeccable.

We are proud to be one of the last working armorers in Kuwait and building centuries-long relationships with new and existing customers that remain unmatched.

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