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Company Milestones

1960's 1970’s 1980's 2000’s Present
Established in 1954 by Mr. Mohan Lal Bhasin, Al Ansari Bhasin Trading Company had its humble beginnings as Al Qatami Trading, a small shop in Kuwait City specializing in products like clothing, towels, bedsheets, and fabrics. The 1960s saw a transformation as the business adopted the name Moonstore, expanding to include a tailoring shop along with tailoring supplies. Through unwavering determination, the company secured government contracts, becoming a provider of custom and ready-made uniforms for personnel in key ministries including Health, Defense, and Interior.
During the 1970s, the company underwent a significant transformation, adopting the name Al Ansari Bhasin Trading Company. This marked a turning point as the company's reputation flourished within the market, earning the trust of a multitude of customers. The product range also expanded to encompass scout uniforms and sportswear, catering to a broader audience. Simultaneously, the company's commitment to customer service was underscored by the establishment of a second location, welcoming walk-in consumers with open arms.
Fueled by unwavering dedication and fortified determination, we extended our endeavors into the 1990s by inaugurating a comprehensive walk-in establishment at our third location. This innovative venture served as a one-stop destination, offering an array of military equipment, personnel uniforms, gears, and supplies to both government and non-government sectors. This expansion marked a pivotal juncture, propelling the business to reach its zenith. Guided by our steadfast and proficient team, the company's success story resonated not only on a national scale but also garnered international recognition.
Entering the early 2000s, Al Ansari and Bhasin Co. had solidified its status as a prominent and esteemed wholesale supplier of clothing and uniforms across diverse sectors. Expanding its footprint, the company unveiled two new stores in Kuwait, ushering in a novel era of tactical clothing and accessory offerings. Further enhancing its influence, the business established exclusive partnerships with esteemed brands such as Condor, Cytac, Reebok, Cateks, among others. A groundbreaking milestone emerged in 2012 with the introduction of "Resistant Tactical Gear," the company's inaugural proprietary brand. This distinctive label quickly gained prominence, serving as a conduit for premium outdoor gear, apparel, and equipment.
We today can consider ourselves as an uniform specialist - "An expert in the overall concept and design of uniforms, with a knowledge about the principles, aesthetics, functionality, and the history of uniforms”

Presently, we proudly identify ourselves as uniform specialists, embodying the essence of expertise in the comprehensive realm of uniform conception and design. Our proficiency encompasses a deep understanding of the principles, aesthetics, functionality, and historical evolution intrinsic to uniforms. Our enduring determination and unwavering passion have been eloquently showcased through our tireless efforts and unwavering consistency. Emerging from a modest garment store in Kuwait City's old market, our journey has culminated in the prestigious Al-Ansari Bhasin Trading Co. name. Presently, our network of six retail outlets serves as a hub for over 3,500 distinct line items. These encompass an array of items including tactical gear, uniforms, badges and ranks, footwear, headgear, and assorted accessories. Our evolutionary trajectory as a business is marked by continuous growth, a path we steadfastly tread. With the advent of technological progress, we've transcended traditional boundaries—our e-commerce platform now brings exceptional service directly to our customers' doorsteps, fostering convenience like never before. Years of seasoned experience and a commitment to top-tier service have positioned us with honor, allowing us to forge strong partnerships with esteemed entities such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait Fire Force, Ministry of Health, and National Assembly. This privilege serves as a testament to our dedication and the quality we consistently deliver.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite inspiration through the promotion of professionalism and artistry. We are dedicated to offering each customer an unparalleled level of service tailored to their individual needs. Our commitment is unwavering, as we infuse every product we create with our shared values of compassion and dedication.

Our Vision

Since our inception in the 1950s, our steadfast commitment remains rooted in upholding our brand image, unwavering quality, and exceptional service. We take pride in offering customers the convenience of fulfilling all their requirements and needs under one roof.

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