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Company Milestones

1960's 1970’s 1980's 2000’s Present
Founded in 1954 by Mr. Mohan Lal Bhasin, Al Ansari Bhasin Trading Company was first named as Al Garami Trading, a small shop in Kuwait City which sold products such as clothing, towels, bedsheets, fabrics, etc. In the 1960s, we changed the name of the business to Moonstore, built a tailoring shop and added tailoring supplies. From hard work and dedication, the company started to engage in government contracts. This resulted in the provision of made-to-order or ready-made uniforms to government employees working in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, and Ministry of Interior.
In the 1970s, we finally changed the company's name to Al Ansari Bhasin Trading Company. It started to become more well-liked in the market and gained the confidence of numerous customers. Our product line expanded to include scout uniforms and sport wear. Additionally, it opened its doors to service and accommodate walk-in consumers in our second location.
With the same passion and more willpower, we opened a walk-in one-stop shop in our third location, in the 1990s. Where it sold military equipment and personnel uniforms, gears and equipment to government and non-government sectors. The business developed to its full potential and established itself both nationally and internationally, with the support of our dependable and capable team.
In the early 2000, Al Ansari and Bhasin Co. was one of the most well-known and well-respected suppliers of wholesale clothing and uniforms in various sector. Two additional stores were opened in Kuwait and tactical clothing wear and accessories were introduced as a new product line. In addition, we acquired several exclusive brand relationships with companies like Condor, Cytac, Reebok, Cateks, and many others. In 2012, we launched "Resistant Tactical Gear," our first own brand, which distributes high-end outdoor gear, apparel, and equipment.
Our perseverance and steadfast passion have actually been demonstrated throughout of hardwork and consistency. From a small garment shop in the old market in Kuwait City, it expanded into the renowned and well-known Al-Ansari Bhasin Trading Co. Our four retail stores (Hawally, Mangaf, Riggae, and Jahra) are selling over 3,500 various items, such as tactical gear and equipment, uniforms, badges and ranks, footwear, headgear and other accessories. As a business, we have developed over time and will continue to do so. As technology advanced, we can now reach and give outstanding service to our consumers from the convenience of their own homes as we launched our e-commerce website. Our years of experience and high-quality service gave us the privilege of entering & maintaining our relationship with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait Fire Force, Ministry of Health and National Assembly.

Our Mission

To inspire by promoting professionalism and artistry, give our every customer the utmost service possible based on their needs, and to share our commitment and compassion in every product we produce.

Our Vision

To maintain brand image, quality and service since our establishment in 1950’s, while giving customer the convenience to fulfill all their requirement and needs in one roof.

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